Hurricane Matthew evacuation?

On Tuesday, October 4, I heard that South Carolina's Governor had ordered Mandatory Evacuation from my home Hilton Head Island and all coastal areas.  

I said, "I'm staying home".  I have many reasons:

Reason number one: Taking orders is the least of my skills.  

I had just come home from Atalla, Alabama going through Atlanta with construction traffic, which made the six and a half hour trip into nine and a half hours. My body is still aching.  

I told Om, my boycat, who was SO good in the car during the long ride, that we will stay home for the rest of the year.  I must keep my words.  Animal lovers out there, pay note.  Your animals listen to what you say.  

I am not just being stubborn.  I used my left brain and analyzed the situation. I spent my first eighteen and a half years on Hong Kong Island.  We had typhoons every year. Sometimes several strong ones a year.  My family and I lived.  Now, I live in a building that is built of concrete and steel. In 2004, when I made Hilton Head my year round residence, I got on the board.  Me the the other two board members voted to replace our windows, doors and roof.  All items were made to the latest storm code.  AND, considering history, ever since NOAA had been tracking hurricane, none had directly hit Hilton Head.  Yes, there was a hurricane hit over a hundred and ten years ago. Compare that to ten or sixteen hours of mingling with all evacuation traffic on all highways going west, absorbing panicking energies along the way, getting somewhere, not knowing where, sleeping in a strange environment, its much better for me-who is so energy sensitive, to stay home, and go with the FLOW.  I love to witness the force and beauty of nature. A couple of extra bonus points: the current temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees, if the power was to go out, I will be comfortable.  Point No. 2, I haven't watch baseball in years,  I can entertain my self watching the play off,  if I was to get bored being indoor.