Divine moment repeats

I went to "Two Steps" favorite swim spot of the locals and visitors on Big Island., at about 11am with new friend, Michael Hyson, esteemed Dolphin Researcher. According to most, late for dolphin sighting at the bays. Alas! the dolphins were still there. Whoopie! My first time seeing them at Two Steps. Last time I swam with dolphins at Kealakekua Bay , I thought "life can't get better than this". Yes, life gets better and miracles happen every moment. Believe!
When I saw the first jump, I thought, "there goes a flying fish". But it was a baby dolphin. I have never seen such a small dolphin jump and spin. WOW. I ask all of you to tell your friends and children, grandchildren to please swim SLOWLY towards them if you're blessed to have the opportunity to be in the water with wild dolphins.  I see uninformed people dash towards dolphins extending cameras on 2ft. long sticks. That is NOT polite amongst human nor dolphins. I gently explained it to the intruder and he took it nicely.  Thanks to all of you who listen, please educate humans you know, how to behave amongst my people (dolphins).  I hope you will be blessed with time in the dolphins living room (ocean).  Pictures taken by others. downloaded.