Kelauea eruption and fissures

I don't like to sit inside a car but I drove to Hilo and back yesterday (6 hour to get in a helicopter to see the lava. I had no expectation how I would feel. WhenI saw the "red road", I felt an overwhelming sadness. The red road looked like veins filled with Mother Earth's blood, through Fissure #8, Mother Earth spewed her guts to show us that she's hurt, telling us that changes are urgently needed. I did not think about the houses, the warm ponds and the reef.  Homeowners, please don't throw any stones yet.  All the destruction is part of the change needed.  Pele's current activity is not directing at you, your property. Or, is she?  I felt that she just want us to know that way too much harm to her had gone unnoticed.  Fracking being the 1st. 

I am calling my earth siblings...!  Please start paying attention to our planet which is our home.  Aloha, Namaste. 

alice :)