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The one and only Gong Workshop in the Southeast

My favorite Gong Master and teacher, Don Conreaux told me that you are a Gong Master not only because you took lessons and play the gongs, you become one when you teach others. Don is convinced that playing the gong leads to world peace. I was puzzled. During the last fourteen months, I gave 66 gong baths to a total of 808 people of ages from 6 to 91. At the end of one of those meditations, the light bulb lit up for me. When I saw the blissful look on on all their faces as they slowly came back from their journey, I realize that is why gong play equals world peace. When everyone feels SO peaceful, there's no one to wage war! So, that thought kept me playing everyday, and hopefully you will do. Some who came to the gong baths have taken a gong home but they ask me about playing lessons.  I will combine what I learned in the last four gong workshops (totaling over 100 class room hours) and my intuition to give a short 4 hour workshop.  The focus will be on "play" with a little on the arts, science and history of the Gong. 

Saturday, February 27, 2p to 6p, followed by a group gong bath between 6p & 7p when all the students will play together, followed by group discussion. I will be the only audience, and everyone will get an A! :))

Cost: $150 each. A minimum of 8 by February 13 for this to happen.  gongs and mallets will be provided. Please bring your gong and stand if you have. Since announced two weeks ago, five gong enthusiasts have signed up. This class will be limited to 12 and most likely the only gong workshop within 8 hours drive. This will be the only Gong Workshop I offer in 2016. You will be glad that you took the initiative to register Now!

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