Healer on call

Being in the New Year spirits, I went to get a quart of paint to re-paint the inside of my front door to a livelier color.  When I was waiting for the paint being mixed and shaken, I start doing Sunrise, Sunset, an Eden Energy routine to strengthen the Aura.  Then the idea came that I should do some for the man behind the counter- thats why I named this blog "on call".  I had the call from the Universe to do something for this man who looks a little gloomy.  So I ask turn to him, and asked, "Would you like to feel some energy?" and put up both my hands in front of him and start sending Reiki.  "What do I do?" He replied.  "Just relax and feel it." after a minute I asked if he feels anything.  He answered no.  I said "You're still receiving the benefit even though you might not feel it. Please put your hands a little farther out."  I put my hands four or five inches above his extended hands, and immediately felt heat.  A lot of heat. This usually indicate that the person need the energy and is pulling it in. After a couple of minutes, I started to use Eden Energy Medicine techniques to clear some of the energy away from his hands. When i asked him whats going on with his hands, he replied, "Arthritis."  The heat subsided after a few minutes. He said "Thank you, I did feel some warmth in my hands."  I left with my paint and he looked a little happier.