Divine time with Spinner dolphins

Divine time with dolphins this morning. My second swim at Kealakekua Bay with wild Spinner dolphins. After waking up at 6.30a I immediately got out of bed and took care of the cats inside and outside:) I went in the water a little after 8am. Took me a while to swim to the gathering spot where there was a kayak and about ten swimmers. Since I don't swim efficiently with fins and mask, I was slow but I patiently waited around and swam towards the direction they were heading. A small pod of five or six came towards me. This first pass they were all around me. One was carrying a leaf on her pectoral fin. Another one stay with me a little while. When she left she blew me a bubble :) Thank you, sweetheart. My heart was over filled with joy and love. The next time around, two of them stayed with me for a long time. They swam at my pace right by my side. We had nice long eye contact and love exchange. This is THE life we all are supposed to live!! Begin everyday with joy and love. Pictures were taken by other friends.

Eye to eye.jpg
playing with leaf