I am grateful to the Divine's guidance.  I arrived in Kailua-Kona on August 17 as planned.  Om, my boycat was quickly approved after inspection at the airport, to be released.  Ah, all my angels and guides are constantly taking care of me.  My new friend, Terra, was there waiting for me with lei and open arms.  Life is so wonderful here in Hawaii.

I am continuously amazed by the kindness and friendliness of the locals.  Drivers stop to allow me to cross the road.  Yesterday, I was walking home with groceries and decided to put out my thumb.  First driver went right by.  I thought, ah, a tourist.  The second driver, stopped to tell me, "sorry, I am only moving my car to the next parking lot."  Ah, a local.  So thoughtful are the people who live here.  That is exactly what I felt when I visited in March and one of the many reasons why I made a very quick decision to move here to The Big Island.  Now, I am living a dream.