Valentine's Day present

My beloved Spinner dolphins gave me the most incredible present I could not have imagined.  I was the only swimmer in Kealakekua Bay at 9.45am this morning.  I saw only a few dolphins surfaced and I went in.  Yes, I will only get in cold water that early when dolphins are there. I swam out to the driftwood, the place where current is strong and I take a break there. I saw no dolphin, no one, not even a kayak.  The only boat is far far away. I said, "Where are you? Will you please come closer? I'd love to see you. Pretty please."  Within the next two seconds, a pod of dolphins is within 50 feet ahead, swimming straight at me. I look down and they have already arrived next to me. They were swimming so slowly.  I got to spend a long time next to them since I don't swim fast at all. Then a woman came out floating on a noodle, we talked and I taught her the proper etiquette of swimming with and taking pictures of dolphins. While doing that, I looked down and saw the largest "fish ball" I've seen to-date.  It could have been 100 feet long and 20 feet wide.  Thousands of fish, 6 to 8 inches long were packing themselves in there.  There are some swimming loosely above. I'm surprised I did not see any predator near by.  I started to feel chill and need to head back to shore.  I thank the dolphins and said, "I need to go back, be nice if you come by to say goodbye." I started swimming hard back to shore and next time I look, there were dolphins all around me :) !!  My beloved are so good at telepathy. They constantly amaze me. I say now, my dear Pod, I love you.  Happy Valentines day and a good night of feeding out there!