so much joy in Kealakekua Bay

I had a two-hour swim this morning because the dolphins kept going farther and farther north, away from my entry spot which is the rock beach of Kealakekua Bay. After about one hour, I know it will take me a long time to swim back because I'm slow and the current sometimes keep me in a circle:).  I said goodbye to my beloved, and ask, will you come by to say goodbye? I started swimming without looking ahead. When I stop to see if I am still heading the right direction, the pod had come all the way back.  They were jumping ahead of me on the way back to my landing spot. How sweet they are.  I swam towards them and had more time to enjoy their presence (Yes, they have many times, swim right next to me and we looked at each other's eye within 2 feet) plus close up views of their beauty. Aloha, love and light to you, the reader and the dolphins.