Minimize a could-be disaster

Thank God that ten days ago, a friend told me about the "reset" switch, and I have been ok with getting some hot water for shower.  During the last 20 days, I had called five general contractors and plumbers to replace the water heater.  Two said they're too booked and one did not show up to do my job. The other two, we're still texting.  I was fairly desperate for the water heater project to be done. Today is the 22nd day of a non-functioning water heater.  I was thrilled when I was referred to a licensed carpenter who said he can also replace the heater.  He showed up on the appointment time (good first sign!) today but that became one of the few GOOD signs.  I needed a carpenter because the opening of closet which house the water heater needed to be wider in order for the new heater to be installed.  He said it would be more efficient to drain the water heater before anything else.  Then he said he did not bring a water hose.  After I gave him mine, and make sure the hose is firmly placed inside the bath tub, plus gave him a big beach towel to soak up any drip.  I checked to remove any rust being drained along with the hot water, subsequently cleaned the whole tub, making use of the hot water being drained.  When I heard the request of another towel, I knew something is very WRONG.  I brought another beach towel, took the totally soaked first towel away inside a big trash bag, when water was covering my hardwood floor.  My handyman obviously did not know how to connect the hose to drain properly.  I was too busy helping to remove water off the floor to think about the next step.  Next I wondered why I still hear a water sound.  The Handyman (licensed carpenter) did not know how to turn off water supply!  At this point, I have to congratulate myself for keeping my composure and using my brain.  I called the plumbing company and luckily they are sending a plumber tomorrow.  I had chore of asking the Handyman to leave the water heater alone, and do only the door widening job.  He still insisted that he can do the job (replacing the water heater).  But I thank you kindly and kept my position.  

Later that day, I found that water had leaked into my living room floor and spend over an hour minimizing the damage with a hair dryer:))  Oh, what lessons I learn here.