Fell while cleaning

Energy Medicine works miracle and confirming that cleaning is not good for me :)

I had hired others to prepare the Ohana (guest house) so that it would be ready before December 26.  But December 26 came and there is still some finishing touches to do.  I hung pictures, put out decorations, move unnecessary items out to storage, swept the front entrance...etc.  Then I cleaned the bathroom.  I was sitting on the bathtub to clean and somehow, I fell off.  No problem, my behind hit the floor, BUT, next, my upper body went back and the back of my head hit the floor which is cement under the linoleum.  Ouch!! that hurts a lot.  I sat up leaning up again the wall to regain equilibrium while I "figure 8" the hurt spot.  After I got up, I managed to go upstairs and put "Deep Blue"- blend of essential oil on the now egg-size bump on the back of my head. I Reiki while I hold the 128 Hz tuning fork on the sore spot.  That was about 12 hours ago.  I live to tell the story.  All the modalities I used must be good.