First kayak trip on the Big Island

I was in Kealakekua Bay yesterday on a kayak for the first time with new friends.  We paddled towards the Captain Cook monument where  I snorkeled and swam. The water is the clearest I've seen in the world. I got in the water many times then of course that means I had to climbed back into the kayak just as many times.  During one of those climbs, I pushed on a bottom left rib a hair too hard. I was sore but that did not dampen my spirit. I knew I could use ENERGY MEDICINE and essential oil and tuning forks to re-balance it.  On our way back to the landing, alas! the Spinner dolphins showed up to see us . Dozens of dolphins of all ages, some jumped and many surfaced around us.  I was overjoyed.  The only kill joy was one tour boat (there were about 4 motor boats carrying tourists) went straight at the pod while they were on the surface. Oh, dear (: I thought the boat captains should have all been properly educated to steer and leave enough distance between the boat and the dolphins.  If you're out there with your boat, remember stay 50 yards away, please.