My healing accepted by dolphins this morning

I drove to the third of my three favorite beaches this morning, hoping and asking dolphins to show up because I haven't seen them for a week. When I parked, I didn't see them.  I gathered my swim gear and walked to the end of the beach and quickly entered since the sun is getting hot at 9am.   By the time I was near their favorite rest area, I saw a woman's figure in the water and sure enough, there they are!  3 of them.  My heart screamed in joy.  Moments later, while I was floating and looking for my beloved, a mom with her calf of maybe a few months old, came near me and I saw that both of them had cookie cutter shark bite wounds on their sides.  The young one had scratch marks (from sharks) on the skin (:

I instinctively put my hands out to Reiki them.  Mom cautiously stayed with me. We three swam side by side for a minute, being with dolphin is like being in a time warp, could be much longer or shorter. When mom decided to swim away, I said, come back if you want more.  Next time I looked down, they were near me again.  I did more healing while we enjoyed each other's eye contact, only to be broken off by a young woman dashing towards them.  They sped off.  I told the young woman and her friends how to be with dolphins. She regretted her behavior and accepted my message very well. Next time, I looked around me, the same mom and calf were back.  Each time she was a little closer to me. And of course her child was tugged under her all the time. I added Ho'oponopono while sending them Reiki.  We swam for what had seemed a very long time side by side:)  When they left, I went to look for other members of the small pod and watch them playing or resting. My attention in the water was broken by water splashing.  I looked up and it was the calf jumping and spinning.  I acknowledged by, "I see you, baby!" Before long, mom and baby was near me for more Reiki and Ho'oponopono. 

These were Divine moments that I treasure.  Being accepted and able to give back to my beloved Pod.


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