First workshop given at The New Thought Center, Captain Cook

Pasha, New Thought's president called me in early June to ask if I will be speaker at one the services.  I was honored to receive a phone call from Pasha and since my passion in life is to make people happy, I quickly said yes.  The subject of the talk is "my path to spirituality".  I did fine talking about Donna Eden inspiring me to move my mother out of the best nursing home in Hong Kong to her "hometown" in Shiu Hing, Quang Dong Providence of China.  It was a very long story that I had to shorten to 15 minutes. It was well received. 

I was also allowed to offer a workshop in the afternoon. I put up a flyer "Self Empowerment with Energy Medicine" which is an introduction to my beloved mentor, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine. I only had 3 pre-register by the night before the workshop, but I printed 12 handouts.  The next day, exactly 12 came :)  The Divine's answer to my wishes.

All attended were attentive and asked good questions.  I think Donna will be proud of me.